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Nonton Film Kain Kafan Hitam (2019) Bluray Subtitle Indonesia

Kain Kafan Hitam (2019) Bluray

Genre: Horror
Year: Duration: 76 MinView: 176 views
Film Kain Kafan Hitam (2019) Bluray
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Evelyn, a student, has two younger siblings: Arya and Maya who are still in elementary and middle school. Evelyn has a boyfriend, Bimo, who has a hobby of horror. In fact, he has a strange community on campus, a demon search community. Bimo is accompanied by Angeline and Roy in the community. Evelyn says that after her parents died in an accident, she has to move from her house because the house had been mortgaged to the bank for a long time. They find a house that was in line with Evelyn’s financial abilities. Mysteries happen in that house.

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Language: Bahasa indonesia

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